Iman El-Hariry Acting Chief Medical Officer

Iman El-Hariry

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Dr. El-Hhariry (MD, PhD) is the Acting Chief Medical Officer at Montis Biosciences. She has over than 20 years of experience in oncology drug development in large pharma and biotech sectors, with several successful tracks of IND filing and drug approvals. She started her career at GSK, and also held several leadership positions at Astellas and Synta pharmaceutical companies.

Dr El-Hariry was the Chief Medical Officer at Erytech Pharma (now Phaxiam) from 2015 until June 2023. During her tenure at Erytech, she has led the development of the first red blood cell therapeutic, eryaspase, leading to a successful IPO. She currently holds a role as a Scientific Advisory Board member at Ranok Therapeutics.

Dr El-Hariry is an oncologist-scientist with a medical degree from Alexandria University, Egypt and a PhD from Imperial College, London, UK.