Mo Benkheil

Mohammed (Mo) Benkheil

Director Biology

Mr Mo Benkheil (PhD) holds a M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Leuven and earned a PhD in Tumor Vascular Biology from the Rega Institute for Medical Research.

As a former Postdoctoral Researcher in Cancer Immunology at the VIB-KULeuven Centre for Cancer Biology, he conducted ground-breaking research under the guidance of our esteemed scientific founders, Prof Massimiliano Mazzone and Prof Peter Carmeliet. In this position, he played a key role in generating the initial data crucial to Montis Biosciences securing seed funding.

As the Director of Biology, Mr Mo Benkheil leads the scientific team, overseeing in-house drug discovery activities and the development of Montis’ cutting-edge Assay platform.