Peter Carmeliet

Prof. Dr. Peter Carmeliet


Professor Peter Carmeliet (MD, PhD) is Head of the Laboratory of Angiogenesis & Vascular Metabolism at KULeuven and Professor of Medicine and Honorary Director at VIB-KULeuven Center for Cancer Biology.

He started his own research group in 1992 focusing on the role of blood vessels in health and disease. Since 2009, he has pioneered new research to therapeutically exploit the aberrant vasculature in disease. His single cell RNA-sequencing studies characterized the transcriptome of tumor endothelial cells and was the foundational research for Montis Biosciences to uncover the immune-related functions of endothelial cells in concert with perivascular macrophages.

Professor Carmeliet was the recipient of various awards, including the Francqui Prize in Biology and Medical Sciences (2002), the Ernst Jung Prize in Medicine (2010) and the Heineken Prize for Medicine (2018). He is the most cited author of Nature Medicine.